Show 3.38: Pieces Coming Together

Original Air Date:

October 30, 2021


We’re going to do two things I wanted to do when I first started the show: spin some quality pressed to vinyl live-music and then play the results of my own taping endeavors. Started off with two recent vinyl releases and then two hot from the venue show recordings. The two recordings were made by yours truly, NuFone Rick.

Hour 1:

My Morning Jacket, MMJLive Vol. 1: Live 2015 ATO Records
“I’m Amazed”,
“Believe (Nobody Knows)”
“Evil Urges”
“Wordless Chorus”
“Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2”

Cody Jinks, Red Rocks Live, Late August Records
“Thursday’s Child”
“Hippies and Cowboys”
“Loud and Heavy”

Hour 2:

Drive-By Truckers, 2021/10/12 Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI (PotatoDAUD)
“The Righteous Path”
“Ronnie & Neal”
“Bulldozers & Dirt”
“Surrender Under Protest”
“Angels & Fuselage”

Aoife O’Donovan, 2021/10/09 Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, WI (PotatoDAUD)
“Thursday’s Child”
“Bull Frogs Croon Suite”
“Lakes of Pontchartrain”

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