Video Gallery

The XL II 90 Live Music Hour has begun to include a video component in its effort to spread a love of live music.

I started playing with video in 2021 as an effort to develop my own skills. My first video was done as a whim after I was blown away by my first concert after the pandemic. I have actively been seeking ways to combine loves of music and visual art. These are some of the results. Thanks for bearing with me. I am definitely not a professional.

From #LastNightIn30s show recaps to #BandInterviewExtra, check out our latest work here.

#LastNightIn30s Video

These short videos attempt to capture the live concerts I have been fortunate to attend. I try to provide a fan’s perspective in the videos. The goal is to provide a few glimpses into what it was like to be there and maybe entice you to say “Yes” the next time someone asks about a show you are unsure of.


Talking to the makers of the music that moves us is one of my greatest honors here at the show. I’ve been able to have some great conversations and they haven’t always made it into the show. I throw what I can up here in video format.

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